Top 5 Things to Know About Final Expense Insurance

Final expense coverage provides a life insurance death benefit that can help cover the costs of your funeral or memorial service and cremation and/or burial expenses
Policies can also be designed to cover final medical expenses, valid debts, and tax obligations
When you buy final expense insurance, you don’t need to worry about saving money in a separate account to pay for your final expenses
You can have peace of mind knowing your loved ones won’t need to worry about how to come up with money to pay your final expenses at a time when they are grieving
Final expense insurance is whole life insurance coverage, designed to provide protection for your lifetime, as long as premium payments are made to keep the policy in force

What are the advantages of final expense insurance coverage?

There are many advantages to final expense insurance coverage. Some of the most popular advantages include the following:

Permanent protection over a lifetime. Final expense coverage will stay in force, as long as you continue making premium payments as required under the policy.

Premiums that don’t increase as you grow older. Your premiums are based on your age at the time you take out the policy, and they will remain steady for the life of the policy.

Help to protect their loved ones from debts associated with the burial or funeral process. Final expense insurance coverage offers cash after you die that can be used to pay the cost of your funeral or memorial service, as well as the costs of cremation and/or burial.

Tax-deferred cash value that builds over time. In addition to offering a fixed death benefit (the “face amount” of the policy), final expense insurance can also provide the option to accumulate cash value over time, inside the policy.

Affordable premiums customized to fit their budget. Your policy, and the premiums you will pay, can be designed to fit your needs and available budget.

Do I qualify for final expense insurance?

Final expense insurance is a life insurance product, but many carriers offer simplified underwriting for final expense policies. This means you may not have to undergo a physical examination in order to qualify for coverage.

The best way to find out whether you qualify for a final expense policy is to contact Symmetry Financial Group to learn more.

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